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Beyond Equality Ride

Breaking bread with elders.

National Religious Broadcasters.

Exposing right wing strategies.

HB2 "Bathroom BIll" Protest

Holding down ritual and spirit space.

Give Back IX.

De-legitimizing religious exemptions.

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I feel like this is such a missing link in the interfaith work I’ve been engaged in. No one ever seems to talk about Christian supremacy and the ways Christianity has been co-opted by systems of power and oppression.

Chicago Theological Seminary colleague

Soulforce appears to do something that no other LGBTQ advocacy group does that I'm aware of - really focus on the power of people's inner spirit in terms of helping people to heal from the damage religious individuals/groups perpetrate against us, as well as help us to reclaim the sources of strength for ourselves that are the foundation of well being and our justice work, whether that's religious or not.

Creating Change workshop attendee

I took away that the Bible isn't as simple as I thought it was, but also that it doesn't have to be complicated. Choosing the life-giving scriptures instead of the death-bringing ones is so simple, but it's the best way I've ever heard anyone interpret the Bible.

Vacation Bible School attendee

Funding Solidarity

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Did you know that you can hire Soulforce staff to provide workshops in your community? We present on a wide range of topics, from unraveling the "Clobber Passages" and the Christian Supremacist logic of gun violence to tactical skills in nonviolent organizing.

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